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When suspense novelist Carla Williams is accused of planning an actual murder, her life takes on more plot twists than one of her books. Sure, her life's in danger, but she's also caught the attention of handsome detective, Roger Graf, so that kind of evens things out. As Carla nears the end of her novel, it's up to Roger to catch the killer, or it might be the end of Carla's life story as well.

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Book Finding Miss Write

Sometimes, the High and Mighty need to be taken down a peg or two. Everyone should have a purpose, and this is mine: to make a difference. One death at a time.

San Antonio Police Detectives Randy Monroe and Danny Beckman know two things: a serial killer is on the loose, and they don’t have enough clues to catch him. Surely the fact that the victims are murdered elsewhere and the bodies moved and dumped at churches means something, but what? With every new incident, Randy and Danny become more obsessed with unraveling the facts. But the closer they get to the truth, the more it looks like it might take a miracle to bring the killer to justice.

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Book One Inner Voice

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