Mary Wright is living a predictable life as a secretary in San Antonio, Texas. But when her boss is murdered, Mary goes into full-blown Girl Detective mode. A chance encounter with a charming private investigator gives her hope that she can solve the case even if the police can’t. If not, she’s in trouble, because the killer seems to have set his sights on her.

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Executed Executive Front Cover

When suspense novelist Carla Williams is accused of planning an actual murder, her life takes on more plot twists than one of her books. Sure, her life's in danger, but she's also caught the attention of handsome detective, Roger Graf, so that kind of evens things out. As Carla nears the end of her novel, it's up to Roger to catch the killer, or it might be the end of Carla's life story as well.

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Book Finding Miss Write

Always ready for some in-the-field research, author Carla Williams is almost happy when she’s called in for jury duty, until she discovers it’s a high-profile trial for the attempted murder of a San Antonio police officer.  If it’s not a problem for either the defense or prosecution attorneys that her fiancé is a homicide detective, why should it be a problem for her? Roger would never ask her to compromise her principles, but will he support her when she starts her own investigation to find the real shooter? Will Carla still get her happy ending, or has she stumbled into a plot twist she can’t write her way out of?

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Book The Write Decision

Best-selling crime author Carla Williams is enjoying newly-married life when the body of a young woman is found dumped in a field and becomes her husband’s latest case. After a friend’s daughter goes missing, Carla’s convinced there’s a connection, despite a lack of evidence tying the two events together. Carla joins the search for the girl and shortly afterwards receives life-changing news.  When she strikes out on her own, everything takes a dark turn.

Detective Roger Graf loves how his wife’s mind works, even if she sometimes lets her imagination get the best of her. But when Carla goes missing, he reconsiders her suspicions. Is there a connection between his case, the missing girl, and Carla’s disappearance? Whatever it takes, Roger won’t rest until he finds his wife and brings her home.

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C3 front cover

Still coping with the aftermath of personal tragedy, successful author Carla Williams and her husband, Detective Roger Graf, suddenly find themselves responsible for the safety of two-year-old Ella. The situation becomes more complicated when they discover she’s the daughter of a man killed during a robbery gone terribly wrong and now the perpetrators are looking for her. As Roger works to solve the case, Carla guards Ella and does all she can to avoid another tragedy that would break all their hearts.

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OTWT - C4 - eBook Cover - May 2024

Sometimes, the High and Mighty need to be taken down a peg or two. Everyone should have a purpose, and this is mine: to make a difference. One death at a time.

San Antonio Police Detectives Randy Monroe and Danny Beckman know two things: a serial killer is on the loose, and they don’t have enough clues to catch him. With every new incident, Randy and Danny become more obsessed with unraveling the facts. But the closer they get to the truth, the more it looks like it might take a miracle to bring the killer to justice.

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Book One Inner Voice

Homicide detective Randy Monroe has plenty of work to do without looking for more cases. But when he gets wind of a rash of strange accidents, his gut says there’s more to it. At first, there seems to be nothing connecting the incidents, but when he and his partner, Danny Beckman, dig deeper, they find something beyond their expectations. Now, it’s up to Randy and Danny to track down the evil Svengali behind the attacks before more innocent people die.

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Book One Strange Accident

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