Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Roy Clark sang one of my favorite songs. “Right or Left at Oak Street.” A line says, “Right or left at Oak Street, that’s the choice I face every day.” Christianity is a lot like that. Every day we face decisions on what to do. You know, the “What Would Jesus Do?” concept.

Once our pastor preached from Joshua 22 on finishing well. That’s the decision we must make—to go left or right in striving to walk in His ways. The path we choose makes the difference between finishing, finishing well, or not finishing at all. As we grow in Christianity and faith, those decisions get easier. As my pastor said, “We do well because we want to, not because we have to.”

Jesus faced a similar decision. He could have chosen the easy way out. One word—no nails. One word—no cross. One word—no pain. One word—a thousand angels would take Him home. But he didn’t choose the easy way… he chose the cross. Why? One word—grace. He gave it all for all of us. WWJD? Finish well.

Little things sometimes get in my way. Not the big decisions, but the small everyday choices I struggle with. The right or left at Oak Street decisions. Giving of myself to someone who needs me when I have needs of my own. Getting out of bed to go to church when I’d rather sleep in. Reading my Bible versus watching a TV show. There are so many decisions that make a difference in finishing or finishing well.

I fell off a ladder once. Not from the top step (thank you, Father) but far enough up to end up lying on the ground, unhurt but humbled. I forgot I was on the ladder. Seriously? Sadly, yes. I really did forget. A friend said he was going to get me an altimeter, so it would beep when I got more than a foot off the ground. Not a bad idea, but I don’t want one.

You know what I’d rather have? A compass. I could carry it everywhere I go, since a compass always points North. On a map, North is always “up,” and that’s where home is. No more struggling with day-to-day decisions if I look at the compass and keep my eyes on the goal. I’ll be headed North to finishing well.

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