Our New Reality

I am getting seriously mad at Disney. Well, pretty much all of Hollywood, since their role in life appears to be telling me how to think and live. I don’t need their help. God left plenty of instructions and they’re a lot more on-point than anything coming out of Hollywood. But back to Disney. It started when they ruined some of my favorite movies by remaking them into live action ones.

Why can’t anyone come up with new movie concepts, instead of remaking old ones? Same thing with TV shows. Surely there’s creativity left in California, isn’t there? I’m beginning to think there isn’t. Animated movies are so much better, because you can do a bunch of stuff with animation that you can’t do with humans involved. Although, computer-generated imagery is getting so real, humans can do pretty much anything if they’re CGI enhanced. But they aren’t as funny.

Disney’s latest foray into entertainment is their streaming service. Which now comes with a disclaimer that some of the older cartoons are racist. Really? Most children don’t even know what racism is, nor should they. As a small child, my best friend was Mexican, and it never crossed my mind that we were different, other than she was darker. But that’s where it stopped. I didn’t see her as different, nor think I was better because I was lighter. Most children see friends, not color.

And most children don’t see a crow in a Disney movie and automatically think “That’s racist.” Crows are black. Big surprise there, but go into any cornfield and I defy you to find a crow in any other color. If Disney made them pink, that would never work. Did they mess up by naming the crow Jim? Possibly, but most children have no frame of reference for what Jim Crow means, so why point it out? Let them enjoy the crow’s antics and don’t put them into the mindset of looking for racism around every corner. We have enough of that going on right now. We don’t need more.

What’s caused all this? Are we really a racist society, or are we being led to believe we are by the media and nameworthy people telling us we are? It seems like every single problem nowadays boils down to racism. Like climate change. That’s supposedly racist. How exactly escapes me, because I personally think most climate issues are caused by Mother Nature, and I don’t perceive her as particularly racist. If so, hurricanes would wipe out most of the third-world countries and not the mansions in Florida or California.

At some point, it needs to stop before we get to the point where we’re afraid to say anything. Racism is real. There’s no doubt about that, but there should also be no doubt that we’re trying. That should count for something. God intends us to live our lives the best we can, worship Him, and love one another. That’s hard to do when people keep telling you that you’re living your life wrong and you’re a racist, when anyone who knows you also knows you aren’t. We shouldn’t have to parse every word, so someone won’t misconstrue what we’re saying. And we shouldn’t need a disclaimer when a crow is black and named Jim. Crows ARE black, and if we named them, I’m pretty sure one or two would be named Jim. If not, they should be, because Jim is a cool name.

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