Time Flies!

Yes, time really does fly.  And not just when you’re having fun.  I hadn’t realized it’s been well over a month since the last post.  For those of you who eagerly look forward to them, SORRY!  Although, I’m pretty sure nobody noticed.

No excuses.  Well, I do have one, and it comes with a recommendation.  Under NO circumstances should you get a Shingles vaccine and a Tetanus vaccine on the same day, in the same arm, a quarter inch apart.  It might not cause you any problems, but let’s just say EMS now knows the way to our house.  That was on 25 Jan.  And on 13 Mar I can move my left arm if I’m careful.  No gory details, but let’s just say that old people shouldn’t be falling (twice) in two days because it takes forever to feel right again and results in hospital visits and x-rays.  ‘Nuff said.  So, that’s my excuse and consider yourself warned in case you’re tempted to get those shots together.

Today is National Coconut Torte day.  I didn’t even realize I needed/wanted one until I saw a picture yesterday.  Since then, all I can think of is that torte.  Eventually I’ll probably cave and make one.  I hate to admit I’m that susceptible to suggestions, but there you have it.

For those of you not in San Antonio, you probably read about our big snowstorm.  Well, big by Texas standards, not so much by Nebraska standards.  Having been stationed in Nebraska, I do know snow.  And I look forward every year to us getting some.  Boy, was my wish granted this year!  In the 80s, we got 13” and what we got in February didn’t even come close.  But the 13” melted the next day and life quickly returned to normal.  This hung around for a week and life became temporarily horrible.

It didn’t affect us much, because we are always prepared, but most of the residents weren’t.  Luckily, we never lost electricity or water, but a huge chunk of San Antonio did.  Even if we had, we have a whole-house generator and two rain barrels.  What I didn’t know was the rain barrels would turn into solid blocks of ice, so it’s a good thing we never lost water.

So far, 2021 is turning out to be a quite remarkable year.  Although we are waiting for the next catastrophe to hit.  Even with my normal Pollyanna attitude, life has become a tad bit worrisome.  And, of course, the pandemic continues to create havoc.  Our governor opened up the state last week, lifted the mask mandate, and in the process drew a bunch of criticism.  Personally, I think it’s the right move and I appreciate being treated like the adult I am.  Well, am most of the time.  Ed and I still wear our masks, still socially distance, and still maintain the lifestyle we have for the past year.  That may change once we get vaccinated, but until then we’ll continue to be responsible for our own actions.  Great concept, huh?  Too bad more people don’t practice it.

Late last year, we acquired a new black and white kitten.  Charlie.  So named because he looks like Charlie Chaplin…has a perfect mustache.  I would have called him Groucho, but that’s Bobby’s nickname because he looks like a long-haired version of Charlie.  I had forgotten what a pain kittens can be.  Adorable, loving, but a pain, nonetheless.  On one of the hospital visits, they asked the standard “Are you being abused at home” question.  I said “Yes, if a six-week-old kitten counts.”  The technician must have cats because he nodded his head.  He knows.

We finally took the CHRISTmas tree down last week, when my arm got “good” enough to lift, and Charlie decided to help.  How much help is debatable.  I have “crystals” that hang on the tree and one dropped on the floor.  Charlie decided it was a toy and Ed spent the next five minutes chasing him all over the house.  Seriously, you don’t need a TV if you have a kitten.

The front room always looks so empty when the tree is gone.  Charlie must think the same thing because he started filling up the floor with his toys.  I accused Ed of putting in a cat door when I wasn’t looking, because I swear Charlie is going to the neighbors and stealing all their toys.  And then promptly putting them all over the house.  And, stupid me, I just bought him a few new ones.  I should have had my head x-rayed when they did my shoulder and ankle.

Through all the mess this year, one thing continues to be true.  God is firmly in control, and He has a plan.  I still wish I knew what it was, though, because (so far) His plan confuses me.  Well, maybe that is the plan.  Keep us confused, needing Him, and turning to Him for help.  If so, it’s working.  At least in my life and it’s comforting to know there’s nothing He and I can’t handle together.  With the possible exception of a kitten who believes Mom is a chew toy.

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