Week Ninety Five…er…Nine

I’m losing it. Forced isolation is taking its toll. Sure, I have Ed to keep me company and kitty babies to snuggle with. Yes, I can watch the raccoons on the monitor. But I can only watch them and not play with them, because their mask is over their eyes and not their nose/mouth. Do they know how dangerous that is? See? My overactive imagination has gone into overdrive. They were particularly fascinating last night, because they overturned a cat food container we have on the patio and enjoyed quite the feast. Evidently the lock on the container isn’t raccoon proof. Either that, or eating the cats’ food has made them considerably smarter.

If you’re a regular reader, you know I found an elephant in the tile pattern of our master bath. Proof positive I’m going a tad bit whacko, because I found another half dozen or so of that same elephant. My Louisiana sister will be so jealous, because I have a herd of elephants in my bathroom and Linda doesn’t. Now all I need to do is study the tiles and see if I can find a lion and lamb in there somewhere. I have GOT to get out of this house!

There was another shooting on our daily crime report. Not really surprising, but what is remarkable is the number of “suspicious person” events that are being reported. Just as an FYI, none of those reports came at the same time as the shooting, so that’s good. Seeing the “suspicious person” reports got me to thinking. Are they reporting people walking around the neighborhood with masks on? Is that what makes the person suspicious? Have they not been watching the news? Evidently not, which is another good reason to stay inside, since face masks are mandatory in San Antonio. I’d hate to get shot for wearing a mask. Besides, mine have cats or bunnies on them, so how dangerous can I be?

Have you seen the commercial where the lady in the hospital is telling her kids she’s got a life insurance policy, so they don’t have to worry about her final expenses? Is it just me, or have you also noticed her children exchanging knowing glances? I’m almost positive that once the camera is turned off, so is all the life-saving equipment attached to their mother. Just sayin’.

It took a while, but I figured out what all the toilet paper hoarding is about. I’m concerned. And curious. How did all those hoarders know they’d get so sick of staying at home that their solution would be to go on a TPing frenzy? And when will they do our house? I’m also wondering if we’ll be able to gently remove the TP from our house so it’s reusable. Seems like a huge waste if we can’t.

What we really need to help us get through this virus is better TV programming. We have a bunch of shows that are set to auto record, and the schedule is virtually empty. Everything is reruns. So, here’s a thought. How about Hollywood getting off their soapbox and doing something to really help us out? I try not to get “controversial” in the blog posts, but… Seriously, do we need a bunch of Hollywood celebs saying the virus should be a good time to reinforce consumerism is bad? This from people with several multi-million-dollar houses, fancy cars, private jets, and a safe packed full of diamond jewelry. And they want to lecture us about consumerism? My favorite place to shop is Big Lots, and I haven’t run into any of them there. It’s not me keeping Rodeo Drive in business.

If you subscribe to Spectrum TV, I have a hint for you. Their on-demand Spectrum originals has a 10-episode series called Manhunt—Deadly Games. I’m addicted. Enough so that I’ve watched it three times. I’m not sure exactly what’s so fascinating about it, but it is pretty exceptional. Without giving anything away, it’s about the Centennial Park bombing at the Atlanta Olympics, and how Richard Jewell was falsely accused. At the end, I wanted to hunt Richard down and give him a big hug, but since he died (too young,) that’s not an option.

Everyone has an opinion on the virus. Trump didn’t act soon enough. Trump acted too fast. Masks are pointless. Wear a mask or die. Stay home. Go out. I could continue listing things for about another year and wouldn’t run out of differences. But I really do think that some of our government officials aren’t giving us enough credit. People aren’t actually stupid. Well, some are, but that’s not necessarily the norm. Since I believe most of us have common sense, how about opening the doors to our country? If it continues as it, half the businesses in America will be gone. It can’t be just me that thinks it’s a bad idea for everyone to stay hunkered down.

Yes, there will be idiots who do idiotic things, but that’s not much different than usual. For the overwhelming majority of the rest of us, we have enough common sense to continue doing social distancing, wearing a mask where appropriate, and washing our hands. Give us a chance to prove that, please, before we don’t have a country to go back to.

The thing that’s scary about what’s going on isn’t the virus as much as the fallout from the virus. People work all their lives to have their business, and in the blink of an eye, it’s gone. I really do think we need to get back to business and let those of us who are in the “high risk” category fend for ourselves. I have enough trust in my fellow Americans and in my God to take that risk. Too bad our government officials don’t.

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