Week One

Week One of our isolation is in the rearview mirror. Woohoo!! Not sure how many more weeks of social distancing we’ll have to endure, but it hasn’t been too bad so far. I’ve noticed a few things.

1) I still haven’t come up with any creative ways to kill the hubby. Well, that’s not entirely true, but the ways I’ve envisioned don’t allow me to get away with it. That’s important, because I’m too cute to go to jail. And truth be told, it’s not Ed I want to kill. (Not yet, anyway.) Since most of my book plots involve someone dying, I need a new one for the next Misadventures book and my brain isn’t working correctly. I have an idea, but how to make that work? No clue. Hopefully by the end of Week Two, that issue will resolve itself.

2) We have WAY too much stuff in our house. Forced isolation is serving one purpose, because I’ve been doing spring cleaning. Why I hang on to things I never use escapes me, so if (when) we can ever leave the house, I’ll have a nice stash for Goodwill. In the meantime, I have room in one of our storage closets to accumulate more stuff. When I finish the other closets, I should have plenty of room to buy more worthless stuff I’ll eventually end up giving away.

3) People are selfish. I really thought by now they’d realize that toilet paper would be readily available and not worth its weight in gold and stop hoarding it. From the news reports, that’s not true. I don’t know firsthand, because we haven’t been to the store. Hopefully, people will come to their senses and stop buying up everything in sight, so it’ll be there for people who need it. Before our social distancing began, we took a load of cleaning supplies we don’t use to a lady with a housecleaning business we heard about who can’t find supplies. I really wish people would stop and think about what they’re buying so they don’t hurt other people’s livelihood. It’s hard enough right now without making it more so.

4) TV sucks. I was initially pretty pumped about being able to stay home and watch TV without worrying about running errands or going to appointments. Guilt free entertainment. In my fantasy world, every station would be full of kid shows to occupy all those kiddos who are still on “spring break.” Hasn’t happened. Ice Age, the Meltdown was on, but it was one of the few kid movies playing. Luckily, I have most of them recorded on my DVR, so I can continue being lazy and not have to put in a DVD. I did watch Toy Story 4 on DVD, but it was rather disappointing, so that won’t happen again. They really should be running kid shows nonstop, shouldn’t they? It would be so much better for them than nonstop Covid-19 news. If I watch any more of that, I’ll go crazy. Thank goodness GSN isn’t addressing it ad nauseum, so I still have something uplifting to watch.

5) Thanksgiving dinner tastes pretty good in March. Yep, I cooked a turkey. Had the whole dinner, sans family and pumpkin pies. We did take part of the turkey across the cul-de-sac to our daughter, so she has food to last a while, too. And a turkey will last at least a week. I used a different brand than I normally do, but it was tasty. Although the packager wasn’t too bright. The instructions said to cover the turkey if it was getting too dry. (How would you know???) But it also said to leave the tin foil open so you can see the pop-up timer. I spent about ten minutes looking for that timer and there wasn’t one. Do they even read their instructions?

6) Raccoons don’t surf the internet. If they did, they’d know they’re not supposed to hang around houses more than a few days. They visit, move on, may/may not come back. We spend a lot of time watching our security monitors. Not because we’re looking for thieves, but because we’re looking for four-legged thieves. One day, we watched four of them at one time on the back patio eating all the stray cats’ food. We’ve had to put out more bowls of food for them. And their own water dish. And the raccoons are huge! We’re almost positive it’s the same four, because most raccoons aren’t twice the size of a housecat. The possum that occasionally shows up isn’t anywhere near that big. And in case you’re wondering about the stray cats, the possum and raccoons walk around eating all their food and the cats just sit there looking at them. With total distain, but that’s the only outward sign of animosity.

So, all in all, the first week has gone by fairly quickly. I’ve cleaned closets, refrained from offing the husband, finished the taxes, did the census, and finished up quite a few crochet projects I won’t have to get done by CHRISTmas. The thing that amazes me most, though, is how many churches are closed. I understand why, but it seems counterproductive. At a time when we should be turning to God for faith, peace, support, and hope, we have to do that from the comfort of our recliner instead of in God’s house. Granted, God doesn’t just live in a church, but at a time when the world needs hope, it would be better if we could get that in a group setting.

Know this. Just because you can’t join other like-minded individuals doesn’t mean you can’t pray on your own. We can wash our hands, do the social distancing, follow all the CDC recommendations, but what we need more than anything is prayer. Please do so. Prayer really does change things.

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4 thoughts on “Week One”

  1. Hi Margie, you be nice to Mr. Ed. We are doing ok Thanks to God. John doesn’t like my Honey Do Lists at all. But it’s ok, he still need to do them if he want to eat?! Just kidding.
    Yes, we are praying ever day in Jesus name. AMEN. Love.💖

    1. Always nice to Mr. Ed. Well…usually. Not always. And, yes, John needs to earn his keep. LOL

  2. Praying everyday for Corona to vanish. I know there will be a vaccine to end all this soon. More damage being done just from not enough faith.
    Be nice to Ed!

    1. I’m always nice to him. Pumpkin pies in the oven for him right now. (Which may or may not be laced with something.)

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